Cognacs Cognac is produced by twice distilling a dry, acidic white wine, which is then aged in oak barrels for at least three years. The Lhéraud method adds a special touch. Three different distillations are carried out each year: charge sur marc (liquid with grape marc), vin clair (clear wine), and vin avec lie (wine with lees). The blend of these three distillations gives a cru its character. The fruitiness of the VS blends (3 years), the nutty aroma of the VSOP blends (5 years), and the rancio notes of the vintage cuvées (10 to 20 years) make for contemporary spirits of the highest quality, which are served at the finest hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants. Enjoy them whenever you please: before, with, or after a meal. ...................................................................... COGNACS n°1 — Émotion - Cognac V.S. 0,70L - 40% ABV
0,50L - 40% ABV
Fresh – Raisins, crème brûlée, candied citrus zest, hint of vanilla.
Colour: orange yellow.
n°2 — Émotion - Cognac V.S.O.P. 0.70L - 40% ABV
0.50L - 40% ABV
Youthful – Balanced and dense.
Stewed white-fleshed fruit, caramelised orange peel.
Colour: bright light orange.
n°3 — Cognac Cuvée 20 0.70L - 43% ABV Luxuriant – Potent and generous. Roasted pineapple, banana flambé.
Warmly spiced, with fine vanilla notes. Perfectly balanced flavours.
Colour: pastel orange
n°4 — Cognac Cuvée 10 0.70L - 42% ABV Vivacious – Candied white-fleshed fruit, plums and apples.
Sweet pastry spices.
Colour: pure orange.
n°6 Harmonious – Intense and flavourful.
Nuts and dried fruit.
Delicate floral notes.
Colour: orange red.
0.70L – 43% ABV n°6 — Cognac X.O. Eugénie
n°7 n°7 — Cognac Obusto 0.70L – 42% ABV Pure – Very elegant, with lovely spice aromas,
honey-roasted almond and potent leather, earth and toasted bread notes.
Pairs well with a big Cuban cigar.
Colour: Havana.
n°8 n°8 — Cognac Extra 0.70L – 43% ABV Assertive — Rich, with a bouquet of spices and smokiness.
Smooth, delicate finish.
Colour: honey orange.
n°9 n°9 — Cognac Paradis Antique 0.70L – 45% ABV Abundance — Emblem. Full-bodied and complex.
Ripe fruit, nuts, precious wood.
Enjoyable and expressive, with incredible depth.
Colour: amber gold.
n°10 n°10 — Cognac X.O. Carafe Charles VII 0.70L – 44% ABV Fine and elegant, with very fruity blackcurrant aromas.
Great balance and impressive length.
Colour: amber gold.
n°11 n°11— Coffret Ève 0.70L – 45% ABV Stone fruits, cocoa, tobacco, spices and leather.
Round and sensual, impressive length.
Colour: mahogany.
Cognac lot n°0934, crystal carafe
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n°12 n°12— Coffret Adam 0.70L – 45% ABV Stone fruits, cocoa, tobacco, spices and leather.
Round and sensual, impressive length.
Colour: mahogany.
Cognac batch n°0934
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n°13 n°13— Coffret Art du Temps 0.70L – 44% ABV Wonderfully round, with vanilla and crème brûlée aromas.
Lovely finish with a touch of citrus fruit,
approaching bitter orange jam.
Colour: amber.
1973 cognac, crystal carafe
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n°17 n°17 — Cognac V.S.O.P. Petite Champagne
5L – 40% ABV Youthful – Balanced and dense, stewed white-fleshed fruits,
caramelised orange peels.
Colour: bright light orange.