Vintage Cognacs VINTAGE COGNACS Aged in Le Paradis, the heavenly vaulted 10th-century cellar which was once a stop on the Way of St James, these age-old elixirs offer a pleasure akin to turning the pages of a great history book. Maison Lhéraud offers an excellent array of vintage cognacs certified with wax seals placed on the barrels by the BNIC, France’s national cognac authority. ...................................................................... Tasting these rare cognacs with gold-tinged hues, presented in hand-blown glass bottles with collector’s boxes, is an experience that stimulates all five senses. The passage of time has deepened the aromas—orange peel, prune, pear, wet underbrush—which rival those of a fine perfume. The delightful nose leads into an unforgettable journey on the palate. Exceptional in every sense of the word. Bon Bois - Année 1967 0.70L – 46% ABV Smooth and full of character – Mature from natural oxidation.
Proudly bears its origins. Empyreumatic, toasted, woody/fresh (eucalyptus) and fine rancio notes.
Colour: deep mahogany with amber glints.
Fins Bois - Année 1970 0.70L – 48% ABV Elegance and spices – Stewed fruit, smoky notes (chocolate) and spices such as white pepper.
Smooth, with a dazzling finish.
Colour: bright golden hue.
Grande Champagne - Année 1973 0.70L – 48% ABV Exotic and fresh – Mango and passion fruit chutney, fresh coconut and ginger notes.
A singular, rare cuvée.
Colour: deep gold.
Petite Champagne - Année 1979 0.70L – 48% ABV Bold and charming – Concentrated infusion of chamomile with orange blossom notes. Muscat grape and sandalwood.
Delicate, tender texture.
Colour: woody amber.
Replica of an 18th-century bottle n°14 — Vintage Cognacs keyboard_arrow_left keyboard_arrow_right
n°15 — Cognac Charles X 0.70L – 43% ABV Subtle – Fresh mirabelle plum, almond and honey.
Bold, fine eau-de-vie with a vanilla-tinged finish.
Delicate, silky palate.
Colour: moderately dark amber.
Replica of an 18th-century bottle
n°16 — Magnum Petite Champagne 1973 1.50L – 48% ABV Full-bodied, with great structure and a lingering aromatic finish, in a style that is more classic than lavish.
Colour: woody amber.
Replica of an 18th-century bottle
Fiery – Powerful and intense.
Rich, with very ripe fruit. Rancio note.
Subtle, powerful complexity.
Colour: bright amber.
10L – 48% ABV n°18 — Cognac Petite Champagne 1990