Armagnacs ARMAGNACS Crafted from a single distillation of dry white wine in a column still, Baron Gaston Legrand armagnacs embody the quintessence of the Ténarèze, an ancestral route of pastoral migration. It’s the terroir home to the best vintages of the eau-de-vie: round on the palate, with a fabulous nose spanning the full spectrum of walnut, prune, fern and vanilla aromas ...................................................................... Maison Lhéraud produces a wide range of armagnacs—VS
(3 years), VSOP (5 years), XO (over 10 years) and hors d’âge—in Lannepax, a town in the Gers region. Presented in rare bottles with a refined design that delights the senses, these armagnacs are found in the finest hotels in Paris, the UK House of Lords, and the cellars of leading world figures.
Hints of raisin, enjoyably soft and finely balanced.
Colour: light orange.
Bas Armagnac V.S.
Finely balanced, with candied fruit aromas and a touch of vanilla
and citrus fruit.
Colour: deep orange.
Bas Armagnac V.S.O.P.
n°22 — Bas Armagnac Baron Gaston Legrand 0.70L - 40% ABV keyboard_arrow_left keyboard_arrow_right
n°23 — Bas Armagnac - Carafe X.O. 0.70L - 40% ABV Finely balanced with elegant acidity.
Intense, walnut aromas, hints of raisin and candied pear.
Elegant, woody, hints of smoke, soft notes on the long, rich finish.
Colour: amber gold.
Vieil Armagnac 1950
Rustic charm, with rich aromas
and a lingering finish.
Colour: mahogany.
Bas Armagnac 1970
n°24 — Vintage Armagnacs 0.70L - 40% ABV keyboard_arrow_right keyboard_arrow_left
n°25 — Armagnac Ténarèze 1971 0.70L - 44% ABV Candied fruit, nuts, mandarin peel, citron.
Coffee and incense notes. A vibrant, fresh eau-de-vie.
Colour: amber.
n°26 — Elusa - Bas Armagnac 1988 0.70L - 40% ABV Elegant, woody, hints of vanilla and cocoa, sweet spices.
Lovely fresh finish.
Colour: moderately dark amber.
Crystal carafe, designer gift box
0.70L - 40% ABV Baked potato, coconut, nougat.
A dash of spice: ginger and cinnamon.
Colour: glistening deep golden hue.
n°27 — Bas Armagnac Napoléon
2L - 40% ABV Delicate complexity – Candied white fig, fresh almond and fine incense notes. Ethereal.
Colour: amber.
n°28 — Bouteille Pansue - Bas Armagnac 1982 Replica of an 18th-century bottle